President: Dr. Gerald A Myers, Estelline (Lake Poinsett Area Development Association)

Vice President:: Bill Cunningham, South Shore (Punished Woman Lake Association)

Secretary: Dr. Trudie Myers (Lake Poinsett Area Development Association)

Treasurer: Ken Stange (Brookings)

Board of Directors:

Director: Dick Neish, Chester (Lake Brant Improvement Association)

Director: Janie Wittmeier, Bruce (Oakwood Lake Development Association)

Director: Jerry Scholt, Sioux Falls (Clear Lake Betterment Association)

Director: Joe Beech (Lake Hendricks Improvement Association

Director: Ardis Neish, Chester (Lake Brant Sanitary District)

Director: Jim Hawke, Rapid Creek Improvement Association


Web Coordinator: Dr. Trudie Myers, Estelline

Lake Association Web Designer: Janie Wittmeier, Oakwood Lakes

State Liason: Jay Gilbertson, EDWDD, Brookings

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